I’m excited to announce that the new website is finally live! After several weeks of work (some of which has definitely tested my patience) I’ve got the archives of the past 50 comics up, most of my design implemented the way I like it, and I’m excited at the outcome!

The previous website, also a WordPress setup, somehow was corrupted and I lost admin access all-together. So rather than troubleshoot I decided to start fresh with an easy to remember domain and a clean new layout! This website is something I’ve always wanted to get live and keep updated on a consistent basis…especially given the fact that a lot of LEO’s aren’t on Facebook (respectably, so.) And now I’ve finally met that goal!

In the weeks to come I will be working on adding a few pages that give a little more insight into the comic, the characters and myself (the artist) for all the curious folk. With that being said, effective immediately every Friday I will be updating the website and Facebook page with the new comic strips, so keep checking in! Plus, towards the end of the year I’ve got plans in the works for the first 10-8 The Comic print product which will fund a scholarship; and I’m looking forward to setting up a shop on this website where you’ll be able to make your purchases!

Thanks for checking in, and welcome to the new 10-8 The Comic website!