10-8 The Comic began in 2009 as a project to bring occupation-based humor to Law Enforcement and Public Safety. Over the next several years, I drew well over a hundred comic strips, characters and vehicles but did not publish the first comic strip until September 14, 2012 on Facebook. Within just a few short months, 10-8 The Comic’s Facebook page went from 1 “Like” (myself) to almost 5,000. The number of comic fans have steadily grown over the last year and recently PoliceOne.com  began publishing our weekly comic strips.

Comics are published weekly on Friday mornings. You can follow this website (policecomic.com) for weekly updates, Like us on Facebook to receive weekly updates in your Facebook newsfeed, or Subscribe using the link above to receive new comics in your email every Friday!

10-8 The Comic is a fictional comic strip detailing the daily encounters and experiences of Officer Sam Boyde and his co-workers of the Freeway Patrol (a fictional agency). The comic strips focus on the lighter side of public safety and the often hilarious encounters that patrol officers have while working the beat. While comic strips may be based upon extremely exaggerated true stories, 10-8 is entirely fictional. Any resemblances to actual events, individuals, or agencies are purely coincidental.

Comics are always free to download, print, share and use (non-commercially). I love hearing about these comic strips getting used in presentations at training courses or briefings – that’s why I draw them! A big thank you to all of my followers who are always sending me great ideas for comics; I try to get to them as often as I can and am always interested in hearing ideas!