boydeOfficer Sam Boyde

Sam Boyde joined the Freeway Patrol in 2008 after graduating college with a degree in Criminology (which surprisingly has almost nothing to do with his career in traffic enforcement). Upon graduating from the Freeway Patrol Academy, Sam was transferred to the West Los Diego office where he continues to work today. Sam was born and raised in Oaktown, CA. His past graveyard partners would describe him as difficult to be around for extended periods. Sam prides himself on his terrible sense of humor and his inability to say “No” to a bet.


leahLeah Vinski

Leah is Officer Sam Boyde’s somewhat serious girlfriend. Leah met Sam in 2013 when her car broke down on the shoulder of the freeway. Sam was off duty at the time. When Leah found out that Sam was a Freeway Patrol Officer, she insisted he give her his number so they could have a drink. Leah works management in retail for Vicky’s Secret (a women’s store) and loves all the normal expensive stuff that girls like.



robertsOfficer Larry Roberts

Larry Roberts joined the Freeway Patrol in 2007. Prior to working with the Freeway Patrol, Larry worked in Loss Prevention for a chain of grocery stores. Upon graduating from the Academy, Larry was transferred to the East Los Diego office where he worked until 2010 when he transferred into the West Los Diego office. In 2011, after a year of being graveyard partners with Officer Sam Boyde, Larry and Sam decided to become roommates. Sam would say that Larry has a dry sense of humor and is boring, but others like Larry’s nonchalant personality.


chanelDispatcher Chanel Long

Chanel Long joined the Freeway Patrol as a public safety dispatcher and 911 operator in 2010. Prior to working for the Freeway Patrol, Chanel worked as a dispatcher for a local community college police department. Chanel was born and raised in the Santa Franco Bay Area. Chanel would describe herself as a hard working, dedicated individual with a fantastic personality. On the other hand, her friends and co-workers would describe her as a difficult to work with, sassy dispatcher who is selfish and full of herself.


sargeSergeant Alan Dybers

Alan Dybers joined the Freeway Patrol in 1995 after working several years as a Police Officer with the City of San Angeles. After graduating from the Academy, Alan was transferred to Bakersfort where he worked (spending almost 3 years on a motorcycle) until 2005  when he promoted to Sergeant and accepted a transfer to the Central Los Diego office. In 2011, Alan transferred to the West Los Diego office where he currently works as the weekend Day Shift Sergeant.